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County RT. 527 and 301 John Wall Road ~ Monroe Township, NJ

Suburban Acres Farm is a ten acre farm located in the heart of Middlesex County, on the corner of
Rt. 527 and John Wall Road in Old Bridge, New Jersey, 45 miles southwest of NYC.  

We are dedicated to raising a fine selection of goats, sheep, and chickens. In the spring and summer months, you can see demonstrations of everyday farm life and choores that must be preformed on a daily basis.  Classes in cheese making and goats milk soap and lotion can be arranged in the summer months.  We charge $125.00 - 150.00 per class.  The classes for each are a two -half day process, where you will have all supplies covered.  You will even get to take home a sampling of each product that you make!

Our herd of goats are known for eradicating poison ivy away from any property, especially slopes and hills that are hard for the homeowner to reach. Goats also like to eat honey suckle, wisteria, clover, and many other abnoxious weeds. We make animal corals using portable electric and "non" electric fences around the poison ivy/weed areas that you would like to see disappear from your property. There is no job too big or too small in the eyes of our goats.

It all started a few years ago, when we purchased two Swiss Alpine goats as pets for our backyard...after we introduced Jimbo, the buck to the does - our herd began to grow. 
Our animals are rotationally grazed on full pasture most of the time and are fed grain and hay during the winter months.   

Meet JIMBO, our PRIZE buck.  ​

Poison ivy eaters are here!

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